U.S Business Considerations

We help with U.S. subsidiary & U.S. LLC or Corporation setup.

The process can get complicated and that is where our on the field experience will help navigate the complicated landscape and process. 


Why U.S.?

With the world’s largest consumer market and population of 329.5 million people, high household spending, a politically stable climate, recognized leadership in global research & development, abundant resources, and wide-ranging sources of capital, the United States of America is a prime location for business.

Business Moves Here

With 50 states, the target audience will likely be scattered around instead of readily available in one county or state. We can examine competing businesses for you. For example, we can look at how they price their services and offerings. Demographic and customer base research. What competitive advantage does your business have over them? We have connections with various corporate lawyers who can help you understand the legal expectations and regulations in the state you are interested in operating the business.

Setting up a U.S. Subsidiary, L.L.C. or Corporation, choose what is suitable for you. There are 50 U.S. states; some states are business savvy than others. We do the research, so you do not have to. 

EB-5 Visa business plans – for immigrant investors 

L-1 Visa Business Plan – for intracompany transferee Executive or Manager 

E-2 Visa Business Plan – for Treaty National Investors 

Market Research and Viability report for the U.S. State you finalize. 

We have a network of Lawyers and Accountants that can help you navigate U.S. laws and regulations. We can help you set up an office in the states and help you get state and city licenses. 

Ready to expand to the U.S.A?

Emerald Financial can help. Contact us to learn more. 

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