Canada Digital
Adoption Program

Get up to $15,000 in funding from the government to enhance technology for your business.​

What is the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)?​

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a program offered by the Canadian government that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to access and adopt certain digital technologies. The goal of this program is to help SMEs become more competitive by implementing various digital technologies. Companies who are approved for this program can receive a grant to implement their digital plan in addition to a 0% loan of up to $100,000. Businesses will receive a wage subsidy of up to $7,300 to hire talent through the funded work placement.

What Expenses are Covered?

The loan from the government will cover expenses that are directly related to the implementing of your digital plan. Examples of expenses that will be covered include:

Training staff to use the new technologies

New IT equipment

Installing the new IT equipment

Support services that are required to onboard the new technology

Advisory services that are needed for particular aspects of the plan

Materials that are needed for the onboarding of the new technology

Expanding/Updating existing IT equipment

How to Apply


You will have to complete the registration process for Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada’s website (ISED).

Create Your Digital Plan

Create your digital plan by thinking about what technologies you will have to implement and building a strategy to incorporate them into your business.

Obtain Approval

After your plan is created, you will have to get it approved by ISED. You can then submit your invoices to get up to $15,000 to cover your advisory fees

Apply for Your Loan

After your plan is approved, you can apply for a 0 % interest loan of up to $100,000.

Reasons to Apply​

Become more competitive

Implementing the right digital technologies can help you to be more competitive by creating a better customer experience and streamlining your in-house operations.

12-Month Capital Postponement

Avoid disrupting your cash flow to implement new technology.

Get Expert Guidance

The loan from the government will cover expenses that are directly related to the implementing of your digital plan. Examples of expenses that will be covered include:

BDC Loans

You can get a BDC loan to help you fund the implementation of your digital plan if you do not have the cashflow to fund the implementation yourself.


Online Application
Loan amount of up to $100,000
0 percent interest

Qualification Criteria

Businesses with revenues of between $500,000 - $5,000,000 can request a loan of $25,000 - $50,000.
Businesses with revenues of $5,000,000+ can request loans of $25,000 - $100,000


5-years with 12 months of capital postponement – so, 6 years in total 0 fees

Easy Application

After your digital adoption plan is approved, you have 1 year to apply for the BDC loan

To Apply

Your business must either have completed a digital adoption plan under a recognized digital adoption program and submitted it to the ISED or completed it through the CDAP and you have received your grant.

Let Emerald Financial Ltd. Help You with CDAP​

Emerald Financial is one of CDAP’s approved providers. Our experts can help you to create and implement the ideal digital plan for your business. We can provide key assistance and guidance each step of the way and make the process of implementing digital technology simple and stress-free.


Yes, this is possible, but each business has to have its own digital adoption plan. Also, each business must operate separately from the other.

No, you are not allowed to do this. If you are approved for a CDAP loan, then you will be required to spend the money on digital technology implementation.

Yes, it will affect your credit score if you are denied approval for the loan just like being denied approval for any other loan application would affect it.

You can apply for the CDAP loan for up to 6 months after your digital adoption plan is approved.

No, the Canadian government has a list of approved partners in its digital advisor marketplace who you can work with. You will have to choose one of these partners if you want to participate in the program.

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